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Savannah Cat Breeder Michigan


At Savana whiskers, our passion is the Savannah Cat. We go out of our way to get you a beautiful, healthy Savannah kitten every time the need arises.
We understand how important it is to welcome a new pet into your home. The expectations, the fears, we know it all! This is why we strive to be more than just a perfect savannah cat breeder. We are your partner, long after you make your purchase.
Savannah Cats are among the most beautiful felines on the planet. They have the beautiful spirit of their relatives, the African Serval, yet so gentle and social.
At Savannah Whiskers, we always deliver kittens whose character and personality will meet your expectations. We exclusively sell F4s and F3s kittens with the highest quality pedigree and a bloodline close to the African Serval. You won’t find  more gentle, loving Savannah Cats than these here at Savannah Whiskers.
Every kitten in our care is up-to-date and neutered or sprayed which makes them gentler and better behaved.
Whether you are a Savannah Cat enthusiast of you simply need a gentle kitten with a longer lifespan, we are your perfect Savannah Cat breeder.

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When you give us a call, our team will be delighted to help!


(586) 839-9942


We are Knowledgeable and Experienced.

With our years of experience as a Savannah Cat breeder, we know what it takes to produce an excellent kitten. Our focus is not only selling a perfect savannah kitten but to give you the support you need long after the purchase. We will walk with you as your Savannah kitten matures and even later in life.

Our Prices are Affordable.

Savannah Whiskers is not only your perfect choice for excellent Savannah kittens but offers the most competitive prices. You won’t find these animals for a better price anywhere in Harrison Charter Township and beyond.

All Our Kittens are NEUTERED or SPAYED.

To ensure that your Savannah Cat remains healthy and well-behaved as they mature, we neuter or spay every pet in our care. This way:
• They will not be at risk of getting uterine infections or breast cancer
• You will not have to fear about unwanted litters
• Your male Savannah Kitten will not be at risk of getting testicular cancer
• Your female Savannah Cat will not get on heat
• All of our cats are between 12 – 20 pounds 
• Your male Savanna Cat will stick at home and not get the urge to roam
• The Savannah cat will be better behaved
If you are looking for a Savannah Cat breeder that can do all this and much more, Savannah Whiskers is your perfect option.

You Will Get a Care Package.

At Savannah Whiskers, we go out of our way to ensure that you have an easy time making your Savannah Cat fit in. to achieve this, we provide a care package that will act as a guide any time you need directions. If you need more information, you can always get in touch with your Savannah Cat breeder.

Quality is Our Standard.

As a registered and progressive Savannah Cat Breeder, we strive to produce the best Savannah kittens. Our F3s and F4 kittens keep getting better every time a new generation of kittens is born. This way, we are able to get you a better, healthier kitten every time you need one.

We Love Savanna Cats.

Nothing is more fulfilling than buying a Savannah cat from a Savannah cat breeder who is passionate about them. At Savannah Whiskers, every member of our team wants the best for each cat we bring forth. We strive to ensure that when you finally bring your kitten home, you will have a perfect bond. We are a small home cattery as well and our cats are cage free! This allows our to be social and free due to a loving upbringing!


Savannah Cat Breeder Michigan

F3 Savannah Kittens.

Are you looking for the sweetest, friendly, and playful Savannah Cat? You want a Savannah Cat that will love to playfully sit on your laps?
Well, your favorite Savannah Cat Breeder has the perfect fit for you!
Savannah F3 kittens love attention. They naturally loves to move and groove just like a dog. They will follow you around the house, play in the water as you take a swim, and even go out on a walk with you!
Your F3 Savannah Cat closely resembles the African Serval and will need a lot of your time and attention. They will also need regular exercise as his energy level is quite high.
As your trusted Savannah Cat Breeder in Michigan, we’ll walk with you until your kitten is fully integrated into your home.

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F4 Savannah Kittens.

F4 Savannah Cat has a striking resemblance to the F3 and will have the same weight at 10 to 12 pounds. However, you’ll notice that they are taller and larger compared to domesticated cats.
Just like their F3 counterparts, Savannah F4 Cats are outgoing, interactive, and will adapt very fast. They behave more like domestic cats and are quite curious as well. And, they love being at the center of the action!
Savannah Cats are Highly Intelligent!
As a professional cat breeder, we have interacted with Savannah F3 and F4 cats right from birth. These felines are quite smart and will fit in very fast. Whether you are planning to change the living space or you need to make a new addition in your home, your cat will definitely notice the changes.

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Savannah Cat Breeder Michigan
Savannah Cat Breeder Michigan


After making your choice of Savannah kitten, the next big thing is receiving him into your home. You are excited about the new member of your family but at the same time anxious whether he’ll fit in.

Here are some amazing tips to help you make your cat more comfortable on arrival:


To prepare for your kitten’s arrival, it is important to get his room ready. Choose a room such as the bathroom where there is no room to hide and where he can easily access food and water. You also need to make the litter box easily accessible.

Allow your Savannah kitten to move out of his carrier on his own.

Your kitten may either come out as soon as you open the carrier bag or for the less confident, need to be coaxed for some time. You can use the feather toy on the carrier that you can use to playfully entice your cat to move out of the carrier.
As soon as he gets out of the carrier, place him in his litter box, then point out where his food and water are. Though there is hardly any issue when we deliver Savannha kittens, you can always contact us when the need arises. After all, we promised to be more than just a savannah cat breeder!

Creating a Bond.

To win the love and attention of your savannah cat, make use of the attached feather toy. You can begin by sitting at the same level as your cat and playfully draw his attention. A Savannah Cat can never resist a feather toy!
Your Savannah kitten will most of the time choose to sleep on your bed which will enhance your bonding. For this, however, you need to remain alert so that when he wakes up, you place him in their litter box.
If there are other pets, you should give your Savannah kitten time to bond with you and the rest of the family before you introduce them. This way, your bond with your Savannah cat will be stronger than his bond with the rest of the pets.
You can always call your Savannah Cat breeder for any issues with your kitten and like always, we’ll be glad to help!

Childproof Your Home.

You need to put plastic bags away as your Savanna Cat can easily chew on them which could lead to intestinal blockage. It is also important to safely store medications where your kitten will not reach.
You need to teach the rest of your family to close the toilet lid at all times and ensure that the Savanna kitten does not access a bathtub full of water.
If there are heavy objects that can easily fall on your Savanna Cat, store them safely. You cannot afford to pay a high cost for your savanna cat, only to lose or injure it due to mistakes you could have easily avoided.
You can always get in touch with your savanna cat breeder for more tips to keep your kitten safe.


Remember, Savannah Whiskers is only a call away any time you need to get F3 or F4 Savannah Cats. We are not only the best Savannah Cat breeder but your perfect companion when bringing up your cat. You can send us an email, text or even call when you need help with your kitten.
Though you will find hundreds of options when looking for the perfect savannah Cat breeder, only a few will get you the best. And there is no better Savannah cat breeder than Savannah Whiskers!

So, why wait? Call us now and order your Savannah Cat IN Michigan